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Shinetech box

1. Working Principle

DC circuit is composed of photovoltaic array, DC fuse, PV DC circuit breakers, lightning arrester dedicated photovoltaic components.The battery is connected to the inverter by the DC fuse and the DC circuit breaker. Each circuit is equipped with a high quality DC surge protector to achieve the purpose of removing the inductive lightning in the DC circuit.

AC current of the inverter output is connected to the measuring meter by the AC circuit breaker, then connected to the grid connection point by the measuring meter, formed grid connected system. The AC circuit equipped with high quality AC surge protector, which removes the inductive lightning in the AC circuit. AC circuit breaker equipped with undervoltage protection, in case of power failure, can automatic tripping of circuit breaker and cutting grid connected circuit, to avoid the danger of operation in electricity caused by power supply system of reverse power supply.

2. Features

(1) Inverter AC and DC side lightning protection
(2) Short circuit, grounding and over current protection
(3) Simple operation, convenient maintenance
(4) The domestic high-quality electrical devices improve the reliability and security of the system
(5) Can be customized according to customer demand

3. Effect

Photovoltaic array access to the DC circuit of photovoltaic power distribution box, the DC circuit output into photovoltaic inverter, the inverter output AC current into the AC circuit of photovoltaic power distribution box, output side of AC circuit connect to city power grid, constitute a complete photovoltaic power generation system.

4. Four characteristics

Efficient and safe

- PV dedicated DC fuses, positive and negative are equipped with a fuse
- PV dedicated lightning protection device
- PV dedicated DC circuit breaker
- Fuse box with Spacers
- Current, voltage and power indicator
- Lightning arrester failure warning
- Grid circuit breaker equipped with pressure loss tripping function

Intelligent Monitoring

- Box equipped with remote transmission of monitoring module, photovoltaic system finds remote data collection and monitoring
- Without testing WIFI by user, directly transfer data with China Mobile / China Unicom cellular network
-485 communication interface, compatible with all major string inverters, such as Huawei sunlight, Goodwe, etc.

Quality Assurance

- Meet the standard of UL1699B

Flexible program

- IP65 protection level to meet the use requirements for outdoor installation
- Copper core cable output

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