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Solar Monitoring System

Data Collector

1. Working principle of data collector

Inverter data acquisition system monitoring the photovoltaic power generation system long-term and effectively by collecting and recording the working status and situation of the inverter. The inverter data collector is the most cost-effective product in the industry, only a small amount of investment can greatly enhance the ROI of the system. Shinetech provide a perfect solution for your photovoltaic power generation system, and provide the monitoring related accessories to realize the data collection of all aspects of the PV system. The data is transmitted to the remote service platform for data storage and analysis, then the operating condition of the system is fed back to users in the form of statements, curves, etc.You can easily understand the operation and the data of power stations from the TV, computer and mobile intelligent terminal.

2. Product Features

Via mobile phones and computers to keep track of real-time information station
Support multiple inverter data formats
Communication can use a variety of ways based on the need, such as Ethernet/WiFi/GPRS/Zigbee
Support up to 64 inverters cascade
Easy to use, plug and play
Can connect electric meter, radiation sensor, temperature sensor and other additional equipment
Can be stored for more than 25 years of mass data
Support cloud platform monitoring service
Embedding Web Server, support for offline access connecting the monitoring unit to user PV systems in plug and play way, simple and quick
No need to install software, users can view the operating status of the PV system through our service platform (monitoring sit)
Can understand the operation of the system through the smart phone anytime and anywhere
A real-time understanding of the use of electricity in company or family and economic benefits created by PV systems
When a fault occurs, the user can timely receive a failure notification via SMS or email
Share your own power generating benefits and environmental benefits with others

3. Product details







Meteorological monitoring station

1. Working principle of meteorological monitoring

The system consists of outdoor collector, GPRS communication network and meteorological data center. The collector is the core of the regional automatic weather station, the hardware part is mainly composed of power supply part, data processing part, serial interface part, acquisition channel, display unit and other components. Mainly achieve the functions of meteorological data collection, processing, storage, display and transmission, etc.

2. Product Features

1. The weather stationin is in accordance with the standard of WOM International Meteorological Organization. The production is completely according to the national meteorological industry standards, the products are divided into standard station and specialty station for long-term meteorological data observation.
2. High accuracy of measurement.
3. Data collection density can be set according to the observation needs.
4. Flexible communication mode, using both wired and wireless data communication technology, now wireless campus communication is widely used in meteorological data transmission. This kind of communication technology can guarantee 300m effective transmission of meteorological data in the campus. The data transmission is reliable and easy to configure.
5. Energy-saving design, rechargeable battery (a charge used over 48 hours), also can be equipped with solar panels, ensure the long-term use in areas without electricity.
6. Can be used to collect, store and display a variety of conventional meteorological factors such as air temperature, humidity, dew point temperature, atmospheric pressure, average wind speed, wind direction, UV radiation, precipitation, soil temperature and so on. In addition with the heat index, wind chill index UV index, wind power monitoring.
7. The large capacity data memory guarantee the data storage for the whole point of more than 8000.

3. Product details

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