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Shandong Bairui Refractory Material Co., Ltd. Photovoltaic power generation system successfully constructed

Shandong Bairui Refractory Material Co., Ltd. 99.9KW Photovoltaic power generation system successfully constructed. The project completed at the end of May 2017.

Compared with traditional thermal power generation, photovoltaic power generation is a kind of green, clean, pollution-free energy projects, and distributed photovoltaic power generation will be the future trend. The construction of photovoltaic power station can effectively alleviate the pressure on electricity that logistics industry growth caused, improve the efficiency of resource utilization, promote energy conservation and emission reduction. Compared with conventional power generation, the operation and maintenance cost of photovoltaic power generation system is very low, so the operation cost can be saved. It is very important to reduce the energy consumption and improve the environment of logistics center. Solar photovoltaic power generation has become the inevitable trend of the development of modern society with its clean, steady, security and other significant advantages.



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