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Ground Station


The ground station is divided into flat photovoltaic power station and hills photovoltaic power station.

The flat photovoltaic power station is large-scaled, generally more than 5MW. The size of the power station which singly more than 50MW has been very common now. The grid power inverter output after boosted fed directly into the 35KV, 110KV or higher voltage level of high voltage transmission grid. Flat terrain environment make PV modules toward the same without shelter.

Hills photovoltaic power station is developed by using the mountains, hills and other resources. The sizes of such power stations are various from a few MW to hundreds of MW. The electricity generation is mainly by merged into high voltage electricity transmission network. Affected by terrain, there may be some problems of components toward inconsistent or occlusion. This type of power station is mainly used in mountainous areas, mines and a large number of barren land can not be cultivated. Such power stations are mainly concentrated in the eastern and southern regions of our country.

Multi MPPT module mode of centralized inverter developed for this application, each channel MPPT tracking more than 100kW module, reducing the same direction component design area unit to approximately 1000㎡, greatly improve the construction convenience effectively solve the problems of orientation and occlusion. It is the preferred choice of the hill station with friendly features of central inverter grid for common AC bus output.

If the selected hill station terrain is too complex to achieve the same direction of more than 100kW component, the string inverter can be considered as a supplement.


Flat application


■ Common in the photovoltaic power stations that  developed in the vast flat ground;
■ 35kV, 110kV or higher voltage access to the high voltage grid;
■ Power station capacity is generally 5MW to hundreds of MW.


Features advantages
1 Lower initial investment;
2 Operation and maintenance are more convenient and economicl;
3 The centralized scheme is more consistent with the requirements of grid access.

Hill Application

■ 35kV, 110kV or higher voltage access to the high voltage grid;
■ Common in the complex hills photovoltaic power station with multi-orientation battery plate;
■ Power station capacity is generally few MW to hundred MW.


Features advantages
1 Secure: perfect lightning protection and protection, safe and reliable;
2 Flexible: Multiplex MPPT, suitable for complex applications;
3 Efficient: advanced 3-level topology with excellent power quality and high power output.

Program composition

01 / Intelligent combiner box

Combiner box Features
• PV dedicated DC fuses, positive and negative are equipped with a fuse;
• PV dedicated high voltage lightning arrester;
• String current abnormal alarm;
• IP65 protection level, meet the use requirements of outdoor installation;
• Greatly simplifying system wiring.

02 / Photovoltaic inverter

SUN8000 series inverters
Higher power generation capacity: the industry-leading efficiency, maximum efficiency 98.7%, European efficiency 98.5%;
High reliability: modular design of power components, single module failure without interrupting system operation;
Intelligent: support active power continuously adjustable from 0 to 100% and power grid management of reactive power;
Friendly: modular, easy to install and maintain, small size, save the installation area.

03  / Monitoring system

• Abundant data access outlet;
• Support for Android, iPhone, iPad;
• Unattended operation, a powerful assistant for your power station management;
• All-weather 24 hours uninterrupted monitoring;
• Friendly interface, the access and use of the power station are simple;
• You can know the operation of the power station everytime and everywhere.

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