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Operational Principle

The basic principle of photovoltaic power generation is using photovoltaic effect to transform solar energy into electricity directly. When the sun is shining on the surface of the solar cell, it can produce photo-generated electron - hole pairs. Under the action of the electric field in the battery, the photo-generated electrons and the holes are separated and accumulate to the two ends of the battery positive and negative charge. In the two section leads to the electrodes and connected load, there is "light current" in the load and can get the power output. So this kind of solar power generation technology called photovoltaic power generation technology. Photovoltaic power generation is composed of photovoltaic module square, combiner box, and grid connected inverter,etc. The electric power can be input into the public power grid by grid connected inverter without the battery energy storage.

Grid-connected photovoltaic power generation system is composed of photovoltaic cell array, grid connected inverter, assembly bracket, AC and DC power distribution box, monitoring device and other components. The electric power can be input into the public power grid by grid connected inverter without the battery energy storage. In the daytime, the electricity produced by the PV system is directly used by users, or sold to power companies. In the evening, when the system can not produce electricity, users can still buy electricity from the power grid. If your PV system is big enough to produce the excess electricity, every degree of electricity you give back to the power grid will get the "Internet electricity subsidies".

Compared to off grid photovoltaic power generation system, grid connected photovoltaic power generation system eliminating the need of battery energy storage and release process, which not only reduce the energy consumption and save the space, but also reduce the deployment cost. At the same time, the user can get the national subsidy according to the total quantity of electricity and the "Internet electricity subsidies" according to the electricity given back to the power grid. So that each degree of electricity can be fully utilized, users can also obtain considerable economic benefits.




The main features:

1, Safe and reliable, will not suffer from the shock of the energy crisis or the instability of the fuel market;
2, Nearest power supply, without long distance transportation and avoid the loss of long distance transmission line;
3, Without fuel, low operation cost;
4, No moving parts, not easily damaged, easy maintenance, especially suitable for unattended use;
5, No waste, no pollution and noise, no adverse effects on the environment, ideal for clean energy;
6, Short construction period, convenient and flexible. According to the load change, add or reduce the solar battery capacity, avoid the waste



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