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Distributed PV Introduction

Whether in China or worldwide scale, conventional energy is very limited. China's primary energy reserves are far below the world's average, only about 10% of the world's total reserves. Solar energy is the inexhaustible renewable energy, which is full cleaning, absolute safety, relatively extensive, really long life and with maintenance free, resource adequacy and potential economic advantages, has the important position in the long-term energy strategy. In the next ten years, China's photovoltaic power generation market will shift from the independent power generation system to grid connected power generation system. China's solar photovoltaic power generation has great potential, with the active and stable policy support, China's solar photovoltaic power generation has ushered in a new round of rapid growth.



Distributed PV Introduction

The main form of the use of solar power generation system is the use of photovoltaic power generation, that is photovoltaic semiconductor materials photovoltaic effect will be converted into electric energy. The system mainly includes solar panels, inverter, support, power distribution box, cable, data collector, etc.. Distributed PV is a kind of photovoltaic power generation facilities, which constructed near the site of the user. The main operation mode is Self-produced and Self-used. At the same time, the excess electricity can be used to access the Internet. The function is balance and adjustment in power distribution system. Distributed PV follow the principle of suiting local conditions, clean and efficient, scattered layout and nearby utilization, and make full use of local solar energy resources to reduce and replace fossil energy consumption. 



Applicable occasion

Distributed PV can be installed in any place where there is sunlight. It mainly divided into two types:
Firstly, it can be used in all kinds of buildings and public facilities and formed distributed architecture photovoltaic systems.
Secondly, it can be used in the remote pastoral areas, islands and other areas without electricity and formed off-grid distributed photovoltaic systems or micro-grid. The specific location is the concrete and tile color steel roof of industrial plants, commercial buildings, agricultural facilities, municipal public buildings and civil constructions, which meet the load requirements. The remote pastoral areas, islands and other areas without electricity are also applicable.


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