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Energy Storage System

Distributed PV off-grid system

The new distributed photovoltaic off-grid system of Shinetech is a comprehensive energy management system, which integrates the functions of power supply, storage and power management. It is mainly used in intelligent community, family, factory, automatic office. The purpose is through intelligent mode to make the energy achieve the intelligent exchange in the part of development, conversion, storage and use, etc. Then realize intelligent power supply and complementary power supply to improve energy utilization efficiency and save electricity costs, finally achieve the purpose of environmental protection. It can be customized according to user requirements.

Green energy, no emissions, no pollution

All-weather continuous power supply, no need to worry about power outages

Self-produced and Self-used, the excess electricity can be used to access the Internet

Maximize benefit and low cost recovery time

Comprehensive system security, safe to use

System operating characteristics


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