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System composition
Solar photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic lightning protection distribution box, photovoltaic grid connected inverter, photovoltaic bracket, photovoltaic dedicated cable, subsidies meter, bidirectional ammeter (Power Grid Corp provided free of charge), etc.

Structure principle of the solar power generation system
The solar battery component with high performance are installed on the roof by a bracket, and finally formed solar cell array through series parallel connection. Solar cell array absorb sunlight and generate electricity, that is converted into alternating current by photovoltaic inverter, which can be used for household electric appliances. The surplus electricity can be uploaded to the power grid to obtain the corresponding price income.

It can be divided into the following two modes:
1. Self-produced and Self-used, the excess electricity can be used to access the Internet;
The solar modules on the roof absorb sunlight and generate direct current, that is converted to alternating current through the inverter, which is used for home appliances.
2. Full amount to the Internet
Photovoltaic power generation system incorporated into the national grid, user could obtain the corresponding electricity price subsidy.



From crystalline silicon to thin film;
From traditional aluminum frame components to the double glass components;
From opaque component to the optical transmission component;
From the steel material to the flexible material ......
We can provide the corresponding component products based on the user's choice.
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