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Power Monitoring

Shinetech provide a perfect solution for your photovoltaic power generation system, and provide the monitoring related accessories to realize the data collection of all aspects of the PV system.The data is transmitted to the remote service platform for data storage and analysis,  then the operating condition of the system is fed back to users in the form of statements, curves, etc.You can easily understand the operation and the data of power stations from the TV, computer and mobile intelligent terminal.

Commercial and residential photovoltaic monitoring system:
• Support for offline access connecting the monitoring unit to user PV systems in plug and play way, simple and quick
• No need to install software, users can view the operating status of the PV system through our service platform (monitoring sit)
• Can understand the operation of the system through the smart phone anytime and anywhere
• A real-time understanding of the use of electricity in company or family and economic benefits created by PV systems
• When a fault occurs, the user can timely receive a failure notification via SMS or email
• Share your own power generating benefits and environmental benefits with others

Smart Phone APP

Shinetech App is a smart terminal application developed for users by Shinetech, that can function on the iPhone and Android smart phones, users can monitor their own photovoltaic system easier and more efficient. Real time data and historical data can be displayed in a simple chart, and the user can choose to view the days, months, years and the total data. When display system power and power generation, carbon dioxide emission reduction, weather conditions and all kinds of sensor information can also be displayed.

Shinetech App supports both remote mode and local mode. In remote mode, the user can login through the monitoring platform account and view the data from the platform. In local mode, users can directly access the Web Server that built in data acquisition device through WiFi without the external network, the direct access to the data acquisition device through WiFi built Web Server, and obtain the status information of the photovoltaic system.

To display real-time and historical data through the network
Data visualization, graphics concise and easy to understand
Day, month, year and total data display
Carbon dioxide emissions, weather conditions, sensor information display
Direct access to system information through WiFi in local mode


* By searching for "Shandong Shinetech", you can download the software in the App store of Apple, and Yingyongbao or other mobile phone platforms of Android.



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Mobile APP Instructions


Software Service Agreement

1. Special tips
(1) Shinetech PV monitoring system (hereinafter referred to as Shinetech) is a remote monitoring platform for photovoltaic system provided by Shandong Shinetech New Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shinetech New Energy) for PV system end users, integrators and equipment manufacturers.
(2) In order to protect the rights and interests of users, users must carefully read all the terms of the service agreement before the voluntary registration of the remote monitoring services. This agreement has the legal effect when users click on the " I agree " or use any service of Shinetech. The user must be a person with full criminal responsibility (for example, you are not a minor), if you represent your company to agree the agreement, said you have legal rights to represent the company.
(3) Shinetech New Energy has the right to unilaterally modify or change the content of the service agreement if necessary, and announce the latest service agreement through company's website. Users are obliged to check the information of Shinetech New Energy's website regularly. The announcement behavior is regarded as Shinetech New Energy has informed the user about the modified content.
(4) If any country or region where the user belongs to exclude all or part of the contents of the service agreement, the user should immediately stop using the website for monitoring.

2. Service content
Shinetech provides the following services for users:
(1) Shinetech provides real-time data display and historical data query of photovoltaic system, the specific historical data query term reference company's other written notice;
(2) Shinetech provides power station abnormal situation alarm;
(3) Shinetech sends operation report of photovoltaic system regularly.

3. Obligations of both parties
(1) Shinetech New Energy's obligations
① Shinetech New Energy is responsible for the building, operation and management of the website, and guarantee to provide users with the above services;
② Shinetech New Energy set up a consultation and contact phone to answer all kinds of questions that users meet in using Shinetech;
③ If the website unable to provide services for users due to monitoring platform problems, Shinetech New Energy should be in a serious and responsible attitude to actively solve problems.
(2) User's obligations
① Users must strictly comply with the management and usage rules of Shinetech;
② Users should honestly provide the relevant information to Shinetech, including the e-mail box, the collector serial number, etc. Users independently bear all the responsibility caused by inaccurate and untrue information;
③ Without the written authorization of Shinetech New Energy, users can not reprint, copy, intercept, tamper the contents of Shinetech, or create derivative products related to these contents;
④ Users should properly keep the account number and password of the website monitoring platform, and responsible for all the losses caused by the improper use and storage of the account and password, including users, authorized third party or unauthorized third party. If users discover that there are unauthorized third parties using your account or your account information leakage, please inform us immediately.

4. Expenses and payment
(1) The fees charged by Shinetech New Energy include service charges and GPRS traffic charges.
(2) If users use the GPRS traffic card provided by Shinetech New Energy, users need to pay GPRS traffic charges. GPRS traffic charges vary according to the user's usage. The specific charges please refer to the GPRS traffic tariff table of Shinetech software service. The start time of the GPRS traffic charges is when users receive the third message.
(3) In Shinetech trial operation period, the service fee is free. The start time of the service charge will be notified by Shinetech New Energy.
(4) Users agree to pay or renew to Shinetech New Energy according to the charging standard and payment time of Shinetech published by the company, and agree with that each renewal will use the renewal fee standard at that time. Shinetech New Energy has the right to charge 1.5% of the fees that need to pay additionally as the delay payment. 
(5) Users should provide the serial number of photovoltaic data collector that is corresponding to the payment in the pay or renewal time. If users or the agents are not in accordance with the foregoing requirements, all adverse consequences and losses are borne by users.
(6) If the applicant fails to pay within five working days after the date of signing the registration agreement, the applicant is deemed to withdraw his application for registration.
(7) If users fail to renew in accordance with the payment time that announced by Shinetech New Energy, which result in all adverse consequences and losses caused by Shinetech network services suspended / terminated, are borne by users themselves.
(8) Shinetech New Energy has the right to unilaterally adjust the charging standard of network services when necessary, and send the network service charge standard adjustment notice to user account associated mailbox in the form of e-mail. Users have the obligation to ensure the account associated email address accurately, and regularly check e-mail. The time when Shinetech New Energy send the e-mail to user account associated mailbox, as the time user receive the adjustment notice. If users disagree with the charges adjustment made by Shinetech New Energy, users have the right to stop using Shinetech.

5. Ownership
(1) Users enjoy the ownership of all the data of the account. Users permit Shinetech New Energy to use the data for providing services for users. Shinetech New Energy may leak user data in order to provide services to users or due to government or regulatory requirements.
(2) Shinetech New Energy has all the rights of the PV system remote monitoring system, including: text, software, pictures, graphics and so on; the entire content of the e-mail and other information provided for users by Shinetech New Energy. All these contents are protected by copyrights, trademarks, labels and other property rights related laws.
(3) Licensing restrictions: Shinetech New Energy grants limited, voidable, non exclusive, no longer authorized, non transferable usage rights to users within the validity period. Users can not use the system in any way or for any purpose beyond this agreement expressly permitted. Users can not: 1) Unauthorized reprint, copy, intercept, tamper with the contents of Shinetech, or create derivative products related to these contents; 2) By any means to avoid the costs arising from the use of monitoring system, or using the monitoring system beyond the period of use; 3) Resale or re authorization monitoring system service; 4) Conduct any infringement of company's patents or other intellectual property rights.
(4) Shinetech New Energy has the ownership of any suggestions provided by users, and makes the user's suggestion become a secret proposal. Shinetech New Energy has the right to use the suggestions without any restriction. Users also can not revoke the suggestions that provided to Shinetech New Energy.

6. Service regulations
(1) Users must ensure the authenticity of the provided information when applying for Shinetech account. If there is any change in these information, it must be updated in time. The company will not take any responsibility for the monitoring failures, data exceptions and analysis errors caused by users filling error. The resulting legal or economic disputes are borne by users themselves.
(2) Users should not transfer or lend their account and password to others. If the user discovers that his account is illegal used by others, he should immediately notify Shinetech New Energy. Due to hacking or user's negligent storage leads to accounts and passwords illegal used by others, Shinetech New Energy does not bear any responsibility.
(3) Users must follow the following principles in the process of using Shinetech:
3.1 Comply with relevant laws and regulations;
3.2 Comply with all network protocols, regulations and procedures related to network services;
3.3 Prohibit using Shinetech for any illegal purpose;
3.4 It is forbidden to use Shinetech to upload, display or transmit any form of slander others, abusive, vulgar, obscene or any other illegal information, users independently bear all responsibilities for the contents they upload;
3.5 It is forbidden to infringe any third party's patent, copyright, trademark right, reputation right or any other legal rights and interests.
(4) Users should guarantee that Shinetech New Energy will not be prosecuted by the third party for the products or services of users.
(5) The information obtained by users in Shinetech is only for user reference and self analysis, can not be used in any proceedings for arbitration or proof.

7. Privacy protection
(1) Shinetech New Energy guarantees that the individual user registration information and non disclosure content stored on the monitoring system when user using Shinetech will not be disclosed or provided to third parties, except the following circumstances:
1.1 Expressly authorized by users beforehand;
1.2 According to relevant laws and regulations;
1.3 According to the requirements of the relevant government departments;
1.4 To safeguard the rights and interests of the public;
1.5 To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Shinetech New Energy.
(2) Shinetech New Energy may work with the third party to provide users with related network services, in this case, if the third party agrees to assume the same responsibility as Shinetech New Energy to protect the privacy of users, Shinetech New Energy has the right to provide the user's registration information to the third party.
(3) In the premise of not revealing the privacy of individual users, Shinetech New Energy has the right to analyze the entire user database and make use of the commercial use of the database.
(4) In order to provide better service to end users, Shinetech New Energy may provide system running data of end users to equipment manufacturers and installers.

8. Disclaimer
(1) Shinetech New Energy has limited liability for the accuracy and completeness of the information and data provided by Shinetech. Shinetech New Energy will not assume any responsibility for the information and data errors caused by user's violation of the rules.
(2) Shinetech New Energy will not assume any responsibility for the network service interruption or other defects caused by force majeure or other reasons beyond the control of Shinetech New Energy, but will try to reduce the loss and impact to users.
(3) If the information and data failed to display timely and accuratly due to the quality problem of PV data collector provided by Shinetech New Energy or Shinetech server problem, Shinetech New Energy should be in a serious and responsible attitude to actively solve the problem. For monitoring interrupt problem, users can't propose any request to Shinetech New Energy except for maintenance and replacement, including but not limited to legal proceedings, economic compensation, etc.
(4) All liability claims to Shinetech New Energy about any form of loss due to using the information that Shinetech shows and / or the information is incorrect and / or incomplete, if can't be proved that Shinetech New Energy is deliberately or has major negligence, Shinetech New Energy will not accept.

9. Service interruption
(1) Reasons
(a) Shinetech New Energy needs to repair or maintain the Shinetech platform or related equipment regularly or irregularly, if the charge service is interrupted in a reasonable time due to this situation, Shinetech New Energy will not assume any responsibility, but should prior notice as far as possible;
(b) Network service interruption due to force majeure or other reasons beyond the control of Shinetech New Energy;
(c) Personal data submitted by the user is not true;
(d) Users violate the rules of use in this agreement;
(e) Users fail to pay the corresponding fee to Shinetech New Energy according to the provisions, and the delay time over 7 days.
(2) Influences
(a) Users will not be able to access and use any content of the PV monitoring system;
(b) Users are still required to pay service fees generated during the suspension of service;
(c) During the period of service interruption, Shinetech New Energy will retain the user account and all the data under the account.

10. Service termination
(1) Reasons
(a) Any side 30 days in advance notice to the other side can terminate the agreement, if the other side has any major breach of contract or in violation of this Agreement. Unless the fault side to restore the major breach of contract or violations of the Agreement in the 30 days after the notice;
(b) In the following circumstances, Shinetech New Energy terminates the agreement immediately after the user is informed:
1) The cooperative expiration or termination of the third party which provides software or other technical cooperation to Shinetech New Energy's service products;
2) If Shinetech New Energy firmly believes that provide users with the services will cause a great burden on economic or technical to the company;
3) In order to meet the requirements of laws and regulations or government;
4) The company firmly believes that the service products or the terms of users using service products has become unrealistic, or infeasible due to the legal and regulatory reasons.
(2) Influences
(a) Users will not be able to access and use any content of the PV monitoring system;
(b) Users are still required to pay service fees before the termination of service;
(c) By sending a e-mail within 6 months after the termination of the service, users can apply to Shinetech New Energy for photovoltaic system running data before the service termination;
(d) Users need to pay the service fees before the termination of the service, after that users may apply to the company to terminate the PV system operating data before the termination of the service. Otherwise Shinetech New Energy has the right not to provide data;
(e) After 6 months of service termination, Shinetech New Energy will delete the data of service termination account;
(f) After the termination, any other form of assistance is under the premise of a unified opinion on both sides.

11. Dispute settlement and legal application
(1) Both the Shinetech New Energy and users should resolve the disputes arising during the implementation of the agreement through friendly consultation.
(2) When the dispute can not be resolved through consultation, then will be submitted to the Shinetech New Energy's location court proceedings to resolve.
(3) This agreement apply to the laws of the people's Republic of china.

Remote Monitoring Platform

In order to effectively monitor the power station for long-term, improve ROI, Shandong Shinetech New Energy has developed an intelligent power station monitoring platform for users (www.shinetech-power.cn). Users can easily view the information and historical data of the power station in real time through this platform. The information will be displayed in graphical form supplemented by the text, and will be very intuitive, professional and practical. The platform data is updated every five minutes, real-time recording power plant operation, electricity (day / month / year), equipment operating status and weather conditions and other information.

• Understanding Power Station status anytime and anywhere
• Quantify and appraise the return on power station investment
                                                                        • Timely discover the operation defects of power plant
                                                                        • Sharing energy-saving ideas with friends
                                                                        • Convenient communication with the installer

Monitoring Platform Example:


Shinetech will listen to your advice seriously. If you have any problems when using the product, or have any suggestions for us, welcome to leave a message here, we will pay attention to your problems and contact you as soon as possible.

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